Faucet can also play this new design come out leader

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Faucet is thousands of families in both objects, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, we can find in its presence. However, during use, such as when washing hands, must be coated with liquid soap, hand wash with water in the whole process looks very cumbersome. To solve this problem, the designer Eric Galano invented a new faucet, so that everyone can use more convenient.

Faucet internal structure

The faucet from the looks of it, it seems, and we usually use the tap is not much different. In fact, after a new faucet interior design. Faucet inside with two channels, one channel can be added to liquid soap, another channel is flow channels.

Users can add a transparent liquid soap bar can be seen from the top of the remaining amount of hand sanitizer

When in use, gently pushed the handle, you can automatically out hand sanitizer, and then after 20 seconds, the water will automatically flow out. 20 seconds, enough time to adequately wash hands using hand sanitizer, very humane. Designers said that this new faucet design, not only can reduce the frequency of bacterial contamination touch faucet caused more importantly, can also play a role in water conservation, in line with current environmental philosophy.