UK market in 2015 is expected to grow by 4% a shower

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UK AMA study the latest report, compared to 2014, in 2015 the UK market will shower with the economic recovery and growth in the real estate recovery is obtained.

UK market in 2015 is expected to grow by 4% a shower

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the EU economy can be described as devastated, not compared to the UK economy is in a steady recovery in the Euro-zone. Recovery of real estate and Jiazhuang Ye led the major building materials market rebound. According to AMA data on the sanitary industry, shower equipment market is expected to grow this year as a whole to achieve the 3% to 5% level, and will show growth in the coming years. However, the market remains difficult, the British domestic port, the price pressure from imported goods and domestic market increasingly fierce channels, to bring a lot of pressure throughout the building materials market.

AMA data for further analysis, in the shower equipment, bathroom equipment control is the fastest growing segment, followed by a shower room, bathroom Partition,; shower panels. Update household shower equipment accounted for 13% market share, mainly because of the demand in this area as well as people mature UK market increased shower.

In this regard, the head of the AMA survey, said: "Over the past few decades, shower systems become more popular, has become an integral part of the modern family and modern shower systems and not much different in the past now. the shower and shower more beautiful in design and functionality and user-friendly, and therefore the growth of domestic shower market is a large part from the replacement product. "